british-victoryISBN: 978 0 297 84652 9  HB 552 Pages.
Published Weidenfield and Nicholson

If one listens to the popular myths and legends regarding the Great War, it would be very easy to come to the conclusion that the victory of 1918 was at best using a footballing metaphor a score draw!

Peter Hart however as one of the more progressive Great War historians and writers has in this his latest work very much laid this myth to rest.

This book looks in detail at the men who helped to forge this great victory. As the Oral Historian at the Imperial War Museum he has found many decisive and pertinent recollections from the men who did the dirty work of war. He refers to men from all sections of the British army from the generals, through the ranks right down to ‘Tommy Atkins.

A great amount of time is spent in this book covering the reasons why the battles of 1918 took place, both in the political and geographical context. The flow and style of the writing is both light and informative

In his inimitable style Peter Hart weaves the true facts of this momentous year into an easily readable format. The book is well referenced and well illustrated with excellent photographs. It certainly makes a change too see new photographs of the war, rather than the same old hackneyed pictures used by so many Great War authors.

I would recommend this book without hesitation. It pays true respect to all those who in a time where by people put duty ahead of themselves into a correct prospective. It is a truly momentous piece of writing.

Reviewer: Martin Hornby

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