ISBN: 0 52166 176 5  HB 222 pages £15.95

Published by Cambridge. 

france-great-war This is synthesis crafted by a Franco-American team of scholars with translations from the French done by Western Front Association member Helen McPhail, author of Long Silence: Civilian Life under the German Occupation of Nothern France, 1914-1918 (I. B. Tauris, 1999).

An analytical survey of French participation in The Great War, this work combines diplomatic, political, military, cultural and social history to explain France’s role in the conflict and the impact of that conflict on French life.

The book won the Western Front Association - US Branch annual Norman B. Tomlinson, Jr. Award for the best work of history in English on WWI in 2003.


Reviewer: Len Shurtleff

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