Harry joined the British Army in 1960, serving in the infantry. His first visit to Africa was as a paratrooper on exercise in King Idris' Libya in 1964. The following year he served on contract with the newly-formed Zambia Army.

In the early 1970s he was on contract with the Sultan of Oman's Armed Forces in Dhofar and later with the Dubai Defence Force.

Between contracts he served in the Territorial Army, mobilizing for 18 months to Belize in the 1980s, and after transferring to Intelligence in 1992 he mobilized again for four years for duties in the UK and the Balkans.

After parting with the military in 2002 he worked as a security contractor in North, East and West Africa and Iraq.

Harry is now retired on the Portuguese island of Madeira, and enjoys researching and writing about colonial campaigns, particularly those that occurred on the African continent.

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