Paul Foster

I first joined the WFA in early 1981 and was soon appointed to organise the WFA Tours.

John Giles and I hit it off immediately. It did not take long before I became the Hon Secretary taking over the duties from John's wife, Margery.

A life-long friendship developed and, after John's death, Margery moved from their family home to be close to where both my mother and had our homes.

I was responsible for introducingTerry Cave to the WFA, with his friend Dick Burge (who sadly died some years ago).

Amongst many different aspects of the work I did for the WFA, I set up and developed the regional organisations, found the original Vice Presidents (all of whom I knew personally), established the commodities and started The Bulletin - to list just a few.

I am proud of what I was able to achieve and to point the WFA in the right direction.

I look now on how well the WFA has developed and improved.

Paul Foster

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