"Filmed and Not Forgotten" is a project from the Yorkshire Film Archive to preserve, research and provide public access to a rare and important collection of films showing the people and places of Yorkshire during the Great War. Thanks to an award from the Heritage Lottery Fund, we have been undertaking vital preservation work on these fragile historical documents and, crucially, digitising the footage in order to make it accessible for future generations.

We're now conducting research into these films in order to identify individual soldiers and civilians, with the aim of bringing their personal stories to life as part of an online exhibition due to launch in the Summer of 2014, as well as presenting our findings in a series of screenings and public events from August to October. As part of that research, we're encouraging community involvement in helping to identify some of these individuals, and hope that WFA members may be interested in participating in the project.

Perhaps you have a grandfather who served in the York and Lancaster Regiment, or a great aunt that turned out to celebrate the end of the war in Elland? We're always interested in hearing the personal stories behind the men and women in these films, as well as any contextual information that might aid our research. To that end, we've created a research site at www.filmedandnotforgotten.com where you can add any information, insights or photographs that might help us discover more about these individuals - their backgrounds, their lives during the war, and - all too rarely - their futures.

You can also keep up to date with news and events through the Filmed and Not Forgotten blog, and browse the Gallery to view a selection of still images. To get in touch, please email the Project Officer, Jonty Carr, at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or use the Contact form on the website.

These films possess an immense degree of relevance both regionally and nationally, and whether marching across Lendal Bridge in York or running around Beverley Racecourse, the individuals captured on film were real people caught in the midst of something great and unprecedented; each one of their faces has its own story to tell. Through the medium of these moving documents we hope to bring those personal stories to life in a visually direct and compelling manner, adding local relevance to a conflict that affected an entire generation and has had an immeasurably profound impact on the modern world. This project gives us a unique opportunity to conduct research into these personalities and many more like them - to ensure that they truly remain the "Filmed and Not Forgotten."

Jonty Carr

Project Officer

Filmed and Not Forgotten

Yorkshire Film Archive

01904 876472



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