'Mentioned in Dispatches' Podcast


Episode 1 [link] comes from the light cruiser HMS Caroline, the last remaining warship that fought at the 1916 Battle of Jutland.

We are taken on a tour of the ship by its curator, Victoria Millar and explore the ship’s history during the First World War. The show also features interviews with Gavin Hughes on his new book Fighting Irish (published by Irish Academic Press) and with Beverly Jones from Peterborough archives on a project they are doing to investigate the identities of soldiers who signed a visitor’s book at a tea stall on Peterborough East Railway station during 1916/7. The show closes with a discussion with PhD candidate Michael Woods, University of Wolverhampton, on his research into the British High Command’s tactical experimentation during the 1915 Battle of Festburt.

Episode 2 [link] focuses on operations on the Western Front during the Great War.

Based on their articles in the WFA’s journal Stand To! (No.105), Steven Barker and Jack Sheldon tell us how the British and Germans respectively drew lessons from their operational experience on the Somme. Also, we hear from Clinical psychologist Peter Hodgkinson discusses his latest book Glum Heroes (published by Helion and Co.) on how soldiers coped with the stress and trauma of trench warfare. Finally, Kent University doctoral student Rob Newman tells about his research into the use and importance of wood in trench warfare and how it was sourced and supplied to the front line to build fortifications and transport infrastructure.

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