'The Wider War in 1917' a lecture given by Prof Sir Hew Strachan

'The Wider War in 1917' a lecture given by Prof Sir Hew Strachan

From 08 July 2017 09:45 until 10:45

At Millfield Lane, Nether Poppleton, York YO26 6PA, UK

Posted by David Tattersfield


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The year of 1917 was pivotal both operationally and politically. On the Western Front and in other theatres battles took place that would - in hindsight - show both sides that ways of unlocking the trench dead-lock were within their grasp.

The use of unrestricted submarine warfare was key to the entry of the United States into the war in April. This was a blow to the Germans and their allies, but by engineering the Russian Revolution later in the year, the war on the Eastern Front could have been said to have been won by the Central Powers.  

Early apparent success on the battlefield, with the German withdrawal to the Hindenburg Line was followed by the costly and inconclusive Battle of Arras for the British, but the disastrous attacks on the Chemin des Dames under Robert Nivelle led to the near collapse of the French as an offensive force. The Battles of Messines, Third Ypres and Cambrai brought about mixed results but were arguably necessary because of the French Army mutinies. On other fronts, the German success in the Alps almost knocked Italy out of the war. 

eight col Sir Hew Strachan Prof Sir Hew Strachan, Patron of The Western Front Association

The internationally acclaimed historian, and the WFA's new Patron, Prof Sir Hew Strachan will explore these - and other - themes in his presentation 'The Wider War in 1917'. 

Prof Sir Hew Strachan will be giving his lecture at The Western Front Association's National York Conference on 8 July. 

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