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Haig- Butcher or Hero?

This is a multi layered topic which can be used as depth study to develop inquiry skills, source interpretation, literacy, communication, chronology to at least Level 7 of the National Curriculum. Mix and match, edit and refine the resources to suit your learner's needs.
FileDescriptionFile sizeLast modified
Download this file (Defence in depth.doc)Explore the issues surrounding modern warWas Haig trapped by complicated issues surrounding the nature of the fighting?19 Kb04/02/09 14:55
Download this file (Haig pupil notes.doc)Read about HaigPupil speak resources to guide study23 Kb04/02/09 14:56
Download this file (Haig\'s early life.doc)What were the formative influences on Haig's early careerCareer soldier's early life21 Kb04/02/09 14:57
Download this file (Laffin.doc)One of the key "Butcher" school exponentsWhat are Laffin's arguments to support the "Butcher" argument?22 Kb04/02/09 14:58
Download this file (Pupil Markscheme.doc)How will my assessment will be assessed?How can students achieve the highest Levels possible?25 Kb04/02/09 14:59
Download this file (Sir Douglas Haig has been accused of murder because of his handling of the Great)How will my assessment will be assessed?How can students achieve the highest Levels possible?85 Kb04/02/09 15:03
Download this file (Teachers notes for assessment (Haig).doc)This resource sets the parameters of the debateWas he or wasn't he? Use the evidence to reach a substantiated conclusion34 Kb04/02/09 14:51
Download this file (Terraine.doc)Supporter of Haig- explore the "hero" schoolUse this resource to explore suppoortive issues about Haig's command28 Kb04/02/09 15:21
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