claude_choulesAccording to Wikipedia, with the sad passing of Claude Choules on 5 May 2011, and of Frank Buckles in February, 2011, there is now just one Great War veteran left alive.She is Florence Beatrice Green (née Patterson, born 19 February 1901), at age 110, who is the last known living veteran of the First World War.

Florence was born at Edmonton, London to Frederick and Sarah Patterson (née Neall), and moved to King's Lynn in 1920, after her marriage to Walter Green, a railway worker who died in 1970 after 50 years of marriage. She still lives in King's Lynn with her daughter May, who was born in 1921

Florence joined the Women's Royal Air Force in September 1918 at the age of 17, where she served as an officers' mess steward. She worked in the officers' mess at RAF Marham and was also based at Narborough airfield.

She is West Norfolk's oldest resident, the second oldest person in Norfolk, and one of the 10 oldest people in Britain. She was identified as a Great War veteran in January 2010.


The total number of participating personnel in The Great War is estimated by the Encyclopaedia Britannica at 65,038,810. There were approximately 9,750,103 military deaths during the conflict.

Veterans, for this purpose, are defined by Wikipedia as people who were members of the armed forces of one of the combatant nations up to and including the date of the Armistice, 11 November 1918. One other of the World War I-era veterans is listed separately: a Polish soldier, Józef Kowalski, aged 110. (He may have enlisted after the Armistice but before the Treaty of Versailles, or may otherwise have a debatable joining date.) Please note the Wikipedia policy may vary from the policy in actual use in some countries.









Nationality   Name   Date of Birth   Age   Residence   Force served   Notes  
United Kingdom Choules, Claude Stanley 01901-03-03 3 March 1901 10p Australia Naval Ensign of the United Kingdom.svg Royal Navy Last seaman. Last veteran who served in both World Wars. Joined in 1916. Last witness to the German Naval surrender. Moved to Australia in 1926 and served with Royal Australian Navy in World War II. Lives in Perth, Western Australia.
United Kingdom Green, Florence Beatrice (née Patterson) 01901-02-19 19 February 1901 109 United Kingdom United Kingdom Women's Royal Air Force Last female veteran and last veteran residing in the UK. Joined in 1918 and served as a waitress. Lives in King's Lynn, Norfolk.


The last surviving veteran per other country is shown in the table below.


CountryNameDeath dateAge
Algeria Saci Ben Hocine Mahdi 1998 100 years
Austria August Bischof 4 March 2006 107 years
Australia John Campbell Ross 3 June 2009 110 years
Barbados George Blackman March 2003 105 years
Belgium Cyrillus-Camillus Barbary 16 September 2004 105 years
Canada John Babcock 18 February 2010 109 years
Czechoslovakia Alois Vocásek 9 August 2003 107 years
Denmark Lorenz Gram 26 December 2004 105 years
Estonia Juhan Kallaste[citation needed] 28 August 1999 107 years
France Pierre Picault 20 November 2008 109 years
Germany Erich Kästner 1 January 2008 107 years
Guyana Gershom Browne 6 December 2000 102 years
Hungary Franz Künstler 27 May 2008 107 years
Italy Delfino Borroni 26 October 2008 110 years
Jamaica Stanley Stair April 2008 107 years
Netherlands Bert van Sloten September 2005 105 years
Newfoundland Wallace Pike 11 April 1999 99 years
New Zealand Bright Williams 13 February 2003 105 years
Philippines Eracleo Alimpolo[citation needed] 2 October 2002 104 years
Poland Stanis?aw Wycech 12 January 2008 105 years
Portugal José Ladeira 5 May 2003 107 years
Romania Gheorghe P?nculescu 9 January 2007 104 years
Senegal Abdoulaye N'Diaye 10 November 1998 104 years
Serbia Aleksa Radovanovi? 22 June 2004 105 years
Slovenia Ivan Kova?i? 13 February 2001 103 years
South Africa Norman Kark March 2000 102 years
Thailand Yod Sangrungruang 9 October 2003 106 years
Turkey Yakup Satar 2 April 2008 110 years
Ukraine Mikhail Krichevsky 26 December 2008 111 years
United States Frank Buckles 27 February 2011 110 years


Image courtesy BBC News.


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