dietrichsen sherwood foresterIn response to the image of Captain and Adjutant Frederick Christian Dietrichsen posted on the WFA's Flickr pages for the article "The Battle of Mount Street Bridge", the Editor has received the following small, but no less tragic, postscript:

Frederick Christian Dietrichsen was a barrister from Nottingham before he became an officer in the Sherwoods.

His wife was a Mitchell of the Dublin wine merchant family. Unbeknownst to Christian, his two young daughters had gone to Dublin for safety to escape the danger of Zeppelin raids. They were actually in Blackrock waving flags on the pavement when Christian marched the Sherwoods through.

'His fellow officers saw him drop out of the column and fling his arms around the children. It was a joyful scene with no hint of the tragedy to come', wrote Max Caulfield in 'The Easter Rebellion' (p. 221).

Dietrichsen was amongst those killed in the battle of Mount Street Bridge a few hours later.


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