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The Diary of EW Manifold

heavy_gunsEdward Walford Manifold was born on 28 April 1892 and grew up in the Western District of Victoria. He travelled to England to join the Royal Field Artillery when the Great War began. Day by day, this blog publishes his letters home and the entries he made in his diaries, from 1915 when he was first sent to France until 1918 when his service ends. (To follow on Twitter: manifold1418)

(Used with kind permission)


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  • Diary Entry - 8th September, 1918
    An awful gale blowing and on going to Vrancourt to see our adjutant Vaisey buried - he had been killed on Saturday by almost a direct hit while trying to get DAC horses clear of a Sunken Road outside his HQ - hear that my leave to Australia is granted from Capt Pelham and waste no time but start for rail head that night.

    Lt Hoyland and 2nd JA Nicholson killed a few weeks later while souvenir hunting in a village west of Cambrai.
  • Diary Entry - 7th September, 1918
    The sugar refinery was our position and the RE were busy putting power pump in order at all speed and water was produced in gallons at eight p.m. and think we were first to get our horses there.

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