military_cross_two_barsRecord of Service

Born 3/12/1892

Gained Commission in the RAMC as a Temporary Lieutenant on 17/7/1915

Promoted to Temporary Captain with the RAMC on 17/7/1916

Invested with the Military Cross and 2 Bars together on 12/6/1919

Promoted to full Captain on 1/8/1919

Captain Alley continued active service, rising to the rank of Major (Prov) in July 1927.

WWl Medal Entitlement

British War Medal and Victory Medal

Military Cross and 2 Bars:


  • Military Cross listed (no Citation) in Gazette issue 30111 (1st June 1917)
  • 1st Bar Citation published in Gazette issue 30901 (13th September 1918)
  • 2nd Bar listed (no citation) in Gazette issue 31183 (1st February 1919)
  • 2nd Bar Citation published in Gazette issue 31480 (29th July 1919)


After the end of the Great War, Captain Alley was involved in Iraq operations between 1919 and 1920. For this service he was also awarded the General Service Medal 1918-62, with Iraq Clasp.

1st Bar Citation - 13 September 1918

T./Capt. George Oliver Fairclough Alley, M.C., M.B., R.A.M.C.

For conspicuous gallantry and devotion to duty. After the troops had retired past his aid post, which was temporarily established in a shell hole, this officer continued to attend to and evacuate the wounded. He was exposed to fire from both sides, but succeeded in regaining the line after having evacuated all the wounded. He thus prevented any of them falling into the hands of the enemy.

2nd Bar Citation - 29 July 1919

T./Capt. George Oliver Fairclough Alley, M.C, M.C, R.A.M.C, attd. 2nd Bn. R. Ir. Regt. For conspicuous courage, energy, and initiative during the operations on October 8th, 1918, in front of Niergnies. He followed up the battalion in the attack, dressing and evacuating wounded under heavy shelling, eventually establishing his aid post right forward in a section of trench in the rear of the front line. Here he dressed and evacuated wounded, not only of his own battalion and brigade but of battalions operating on the right and left flanks. Throughout the day he behaved splendidly and by his fine devotion to duty saved many lives.


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