death_in_the_great_warThese two sets images are not for the squeamish. Many depict the dreadful, horrific nature of war which, despite the occasional attempts at chivalry, was still a fight to kill, maim or otherwise disable the enemy.

They also remind us that there is nothing glorious about death in battle, except perhaps the funeral - if you were "lucky" enought to have one.

Please pay tribute to the combatants on all sides and (as you will see) many unfortunate civilians who suffered and died in "the war to end all wars".

Our thanks to "Wooway1" for giving the WFA permission to use his images and to show them here.

All images are copyright © Wooway1 all rights reserved.

You can see a full screen version of the two slideshows below by clicking the "expand" icon. Press "Esc" on your keyboard to return to this page.





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