The Western Front Association rembers soldiers who served and died, from the Allies and Central Powers, during the First World War.


There will usually be a picture, though not always. There is a short personal biography: when and where they were born and what they did before the war, followed by their enlistment, training, and service.


All WW1 forces, all sides, on all fronts, east to west remembered as individual soldiers, nurses, labourers and others on the home front, their lives, service, their loss, burial and commemoration. 


Some can be more detailed than others. Included will be their final action or cause of death and their final resting place. 


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Readers are invited to add their comments and to submit ideas for people to feature.

11_july_2010_lt_frederick_william_walsh2 Lt Frederick William Walsh, 11th Bn Gloucestershire Regt.

Born at Hornsey on 30 August 1894, Frederick was educated at Sevenoaks School, St. Paul's School, West Kensington and Guelph (agricultural) College, Ontario, Canada. He was also a science graduate from Toronto Universtity where he was a member of the OTC. After making several attempts to enlist in the Canadian forces (unsuccessful due to defective eyesight), he was accepted into the COTC at the end of 1915 as a candidate for an Imperial Commission and, in March 1916, was appointed to the 11th Gloucesters.

Arriving in France on 27 June 1916, he was attached to the 17th Bn Royal Welsh Fusiliers and was wounded in their attack on Mametz Wood on 10 July. He died the following day, the 11th, in No 36 CCS and was buried in Heilly Station Cemetery at Mericourt L'Abbe where he remains to this day.

11 July 2010


Research by David O'Mara, Croonaert Research Services.


10_july_1918_pvt_ralph_emerson_rodockerPvt Ralph Emerson Rodocker, Co H, 112th Infantry Regt, 28th Division.

Born 4 March 1894 at Mulberry, Clinton County, Ralph entered service on 29 March 1918 at Frankfort, Indiana. After training at Camp Taylor, he was assigned to Company 13, 4th Training Battalion, 159th Depot Brigade before being sent overseas in May 1918 where he joined Co H of the 112th Infantry Regt.

He was killed in action on 10 July 1918 near Chateau Thierry and was buried in the American Cemetery at Belleau Wood where he still lies (Plot A, Row 6, Grave 36 of the re-named ‘Aisne-Marne' American Cemetery at Belleau...though note that the ABMC has his date of death as being 6 July).

10 July 1918


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8_july_1919_pvt_william_gillanPvt William Gillan, Bty C, 344th FAR, US Army.

Born at Leesville, Lawrence County on 12 April 1892, William was a farmer who was drafted for service on 26 April 1918. Serving in France from July 1918, he went on as part of the Army of Occupation in Germany, returning to the US in May 1919. He died (cause unknown) at Ft Benjamin Harrison on 8 July 1919 and is now buried in his home town of Leesville.

8 July 1919


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6_july_1916_pte_frederick_william_radcliffe15730 Pte Frederick William Radcliffe, 11th Bn E Lancs Regt.

Born in Newcastle upon Tyne in 1886, Frederick was living at Knotts Lane, Burnley by September 1914 when he enlisted into the ‘Burnley Pals'. Seeing service in Egypt before moving on to the Western Front, Frederick was another machine-gunner who fell in front of Serre on 1 July 1916. Frederick, however lingered on a little longer and finally succumbed to his wounds in 19 CCS at Doullens. He is now buried in Doullens Communal Cemetery Extension Nr 1.

6 July 1916


Research by David O'Mara, Croonaert Research Services.


9_july_1918_pvt_bruce_n_culmerPvt Bruce N Culmer, US Army Signal Corps (Aviation Section), 816th Aero Sqdn.

The son of William and Josephine Culmer, Bruce was born at Martinsville on 8 January 1890. A graduate of Illinois and Indiana State universities, he was an employee of a railroad company at the time of his enlistment on 27 November 1917. After training at Pittsburgh and Chicago he was transferred to Camp Mineola on Long Island where he was attached to 816 Aero Squadron. He was killed in an air crash at Mineola on 9 July 1918 and is now buried at Martinsville.

9 July 1918


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7_july_1915_sdt_josef_jodlbauerSdt Josef Jodlbauer, 11 Komp Kgl Bayerisches 2 Infanterie-Regiment Kronprinz.

From Wartmanning, Bavaria, Josef had already served in the Battle of the Frontiers and at the First Battle of Picardy before his regiment began settling down on the Somme front (region of Dompierre - Maricourt). He was 29 years of age when he was killed by French artillery at Montauban on 7 July 1915. Grave site unknown.

7 July 1915


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5_july_1915_cpl_william_mclean_windner10138 Cpl William McLean Windner, 3rd Bn CEF.

Born in Hamilton, Ontario on 13 August 1891, William was a manufacturer by trade. He had served for six years in the militia (QVR) when he enlisted on 22 September 1914 and was badly wounded on 22 May 1915 during the Battle of Festubert. After being evacuated home, William died of his wounds in hospital in Toronto on 5 July 1915 and now lies buried in Mt Pleasant Cemetery, Toronto.

5 July 1915


Research by David O'Mara, Croonaert Research Services.


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