The Western Front Association rembers soldiers who served and died, from the Allies and Central Powers, during the First World War.


There will usually be a picture, though not always. There is a short personal biography: when and where they were born and what they did before the war, followed by their enlistment, training, and service.


All WW1 forces, all sides, on all fronts, east to west remembered as individual soldiers, nurses, labourers and others on the home front, their lives, service, their loss, burial and commemoration. 


Some can be more detailed than others. Included will be their final action or cause of death and their final resting place. 


Research by David O'Mara.


Readers are invited to add their comments and to submit ideas for people to feature.

8-march-1917-pte-james-knowles22187 Pte James Knowles, 11/East Lancashire Regiment.

Of Nuttall Street, Accrington, Lancashire, James worked at Kay & Grimshaw (Wine and Sprit Merchants) and was a member of Royds Street Baptist Church. He enlisted in December 1916 and was posted missing on 8 March 1917 whilst on patrol in the vicinity of Bucqouy Trench. Aged 29 years, James left a widow and two children. He is commemorated on the Thiepval Memorial.

8 March 1917


Research by David O'Mara, Croonaert Research Services.


6-march-1916-sdto-antonio-evolaSdto Antonio Evola (Italian Army).

Born 5 April 1892 in Cirini Province, Salerno, Italy, he emigrated to the USA in 1909 and became an employee of the Vandalia Railroad, Logansport. In July 1915, he was called for service by the Italian government and returned to Italy in August 1915, immediately entering military service. He served for seven months before being killed in action on 6 March 1916 near Cordilana.

6 March 1916


Research by David O'Mara, Croonaert Research Services.


4-march-1915-sdt-jean-ernest-edmond-pagnen1403 Sdt 2 Classe Jean Ernest Edmond Pagnen, 120 RI. (87 Bde, 4 Inf Div) (French Army).

Born 25 October 1894 (Class of 1914) at Friville (Somme)  Killed in action near Mesnil les Hurlus in the Champagne on 4 March 1915 during the assault around Cote 196 and the Ravin des Cuisines. He now lies in the ossuary of the Nécropole Nationale at Jonchery- sur-Suippe.

4 March 1915


Research by David O'Mara, Croonaert Research Services.


3-march-1915-major-edwin-reginald-bondMajor Edwin Reginald Bond, 4th Prince Albert Victor's Rajputs.

Born at Meerut, India on 28 October 1870 (from a long line of military tradition), he was gazetted to the Yorkshire Regiment in January 1892, becoming a Lieutenant in 1895. In July 1896, Edwin joined the Indian Army, becoming a Captain in July 1901. and, finally, being promoted to Major in January 1910.

A keen polo and tennis player, Major Bond was killed in action on 3 March 1915 near Ahwaz, Mesopotamia where over 12,000 tribesmen and Turks were being held in check by a much smaller British force. He was a married man and had three daughters - the youngest of whom was born three months after her father's death. He is now commemorated on the Tehran Memorial, Iran.

3 March 1915


Research by David O'Mara, Croonaert Research Services.


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