The Western Front Association rembers soldiers who served and died, from the Allies and Central Powers, during the First World War.


There will usually be a picture, though not always. There is a short personal biography: when and where they were born and what they did before the war, followed by their enlistment, training, and service.


All WW1 forces, all sides, on all fronts, east to west remembered as individual soldiers, nurses, labourers and others on the home front, their lives, service, their loss, burial and commemoration. 


Some can be more detailed than others. Included will be their final action or cause of death and their final resting place. 


Research by David O'Mara.


Readers are invited to add their comments and to submit ideas for people to feature.

2_february_1916_pte_philias_poirier69749 Pte Philias Poirier, 26th Bn CEF.

Born at Matepedia, on 29 August 1890, Philias was a brakesman in Manitoba before his enlistment at St John, New Brunswick on 27 November 1914. At the time of his death, Philias was working in ‘K and L trenches' in the Kemmel sector and was killed by one of the many German rifle grenades that were harrasing the men of the 26th Bn on that particular day. He is now buried in La Laiterie Military Cemetery, Kemmel.

2 February 1916

Research by David O'Mara

31-january-1918-pte-george-h-perrett21/929 Pte George H Perrett, 21st Bn West Yorkshire Regiment.

From Shipley, George was an original member of ‘The Wool Textile Pioneers' and had enlisted in September 1915.

He was killed in action in the vicinity of Monchy le Preux  whilst undergoing routine pioneer duties near the front line.

George now lies in Monchy British Cemetery.

31 January 1918

Research by David O'Mara

Captain Henri-Joseph Naudan


1790 Cap. Henri-Joseph Naudan, 111e R.I.

Born at Buzains, Aveyron on 13th October 1878, Henri was employed as a restaurant waiter before the war. A reservist who had completed his compulsory service at the turn of the century.

He was recalled into service at Mende during the first weeks of August 1914.

By the end of September, Henri was in action during the Battle of Lorraine - after which he was promoted to Caporal – before moving to Verdun in October.

Engaged in the area of Forges and Le Mort-Homme, Henri was grievously wounded at the end of January 1915.

He was evacuated to Hospital No.11 at Verdun where he died of wounds on 29th January 1915.

He was buried in the nécropole nationale of 'Faubourg Pavé' at Verdun, Meuse.

29 January 1915 died of his wounds.

Research by David O'Mara.

1 Feb 1915 Pte Alfred Lorimer240 Pte Alfred Lorimer, 2nd Field Ambulance East Lancashire Division RAMC

A professional footballer for Burnley FC, Alf was born in Maudland, Lancashire in 1892. Prior to be offered a professional contract, he was employed as a tailor in Burnley and played in the amateur Burnley Tuesday League. He had also played for Preston North End reserves.

Alf had enlisted into the RAMC territorials in Burnley prior to the war and was mobilised on 5 August 1914. Embarking for Egypt in September 1914, he was engaged on the Suez Canal defences into 1915 (other than for a period in December 1914 when he fell seriously ill but had recovered enough to return to duty in January 1915).

On 1 February 1915, Alf and another soldier – Sgt Frickland – decided to sleep in their trench at Ismailia instead of a tent. During the night, the trench walls collapsed and Sgt Frickland was struck by a plank rendering him unconscious. Alf appeared to have been attempting to dig himself out before both soldiers were asphyxiated by the sand that filled the trench.

He is buried in Ismailia War Cemetery, Egypt.

1 February 1915

Research by David O'Mara

30 Jan 1917 Cpl Luke Shanley4366 Cpl Luke Shanley, 1st King's Dragoon Guards

From Burnley, Lancashire, Luke was born in the town in 1891 and was a resident of Moseley Street at the time of his enlistment. A pre-war enlistment, he was serving in India at the time of the outbreak of war and was called back to the UK on 4 August 1914.

After arriving in France on 11 November 1914, he saw service on the Western Front and took part in several engagements through 1915 and 1916.

He died near Crecy en Ponthieu on 30 January 1917 and is the lone CWGC burial in Forest Montiers Churchyard, France.

30 January 1917

Research by David O'Mara

Dvr Thomas Spurr1st (East Lancs) Brigade (CCX Bde) Royal Field Artillery28 Jan 1916 Dvr Thomas Spurr

Born in Batley, Yorkshire in 1889, Thomas was living at 33, Barden Lane, Burnley, Lancs at the time of his enlistment.

A pre-war territorial, he was mobilised on 5 August 1914 and set sail at Southampton for Egypt on 10 September. After disembarking at Alexandria on 25 September 1914 he took part in the defence of the Suez Canal zone before moving to Gallipoli in May 1915.

Struck down with illness at Gallipoli, Thomas was evacuated from the peninsular and eventually back to the UK where he died on 28 January 1916.

He is buried in Wheatley Lane Inghamite Chapelyard in Fence near Burnley.

28 January 1916

Research by David O'Mara

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