10 August 1915 Lt-Col Arthur Bauchop
 Lt-Col Arthur Bachop


Lt-Col Arthur Bachop, Otago Mounted Rifles

As part of the campaign in Gallipoli, the British and Commonwealth forces were to launch an attack on 7 August. The plan was for Australian troops to make a frontal assault at Lone Pine and for the British to land at Suvla. The main thrust, however, was to be by New Zealanders who were to capture Chunuk Bair. To do this, they had to advance up tortuous county undetected.

The approach to the Chunuk Bair was along Rhododendron Spur. The Turks had outposts along the spur at the Table Top, Destroyer Hill and at Old No 3 Outpost. There was also an outpost on Bauchop's Hill to the north. All these outposts had to be cleared by the New Zealanders before the attack on Chunuk Bair itself. The Auckland Regiment cleared Old No 3 Outpost whilst the Wellington Regiment took Destroyer Hill and the Table Top.

The Otago and Canterbury Regiments captured Bauchop's Hill, which was named after the Otago regiment's commander, Lieutenant Colonel Arthur Bauchop who was killed during the attack.

Arthur Bauchop was the son of Robert and Maria Bauchop, of Port Chalmers, Dunedin and husband of Mary Jane Elder Bauchop (whom he married in 1912) of Havelock North, Hawke's Bay. He received gunshot wounds to the spine on 7 August 1915 and was evacuated to a hospital ship, the Delta. He died three days later on 10 August and was buried at sea from HMHS Delta. He is commemorated on the Lone Pine Memorial at Anzac.

Although the outposts were cleared successfully, (the New Zealanders losing about 100 men in the process) delays caused the plan to run behind schedule, which was to prove disastrous for the attack on Chunuk Bair.

10 August 1915 killed in action

Image courtesy: Auckland War Memorial Museum

Research by David Tattersfield, WFA Development Trustee

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