WW1 photograph of Frencham Fourier Laniel
Sgt Fourier Laniel 


1536 Sgt.Fourier Maurice Alphonse Laniel, 1er Régiment de Marche de Tirailleurs


Born at Tiranges, Haute-Loire on 2 August 1878, Maurice entered the army on 5 November 1899 and served for three years with the headquarters section of the 105e R.I.

A veteran of campaigns in Algeria between 1900 and 1902, he left the army with the rank of caporal in October 1902.

During his reserve service, Maurice worked in the recruitment depots of the 158e R.I. before transferring to the 101e Regiment d’Infanterie Territoriale.

Upon mobilisation for war on 2 August 1914, Maurice entered full time service with the 101e R.I.T. and was appointed caporal fourrier on 1 November 1914 while serving on the Somme front.

After serving on the Somme into the summer of 1915 and then on the Aisne into 1916, Maurice transferred to the 5me Régiment de Tirailleurs Algerièns in May 1916, with whom he was promoted to sergent fourier.

Serving in Algeria between May and August 1916, he returned to France at the end of August 1916 with part of his regiment that was incorporated into the 1er RMT.

Returning to the Somme front, Maurice took part in the final months of the Battle of the Somme, specifically taking part in a large scale attack near Bouchavesnes in September.

After their role in the Somme battle concluded in October 1916, a move to the North Sea coast and the trenches of Lombartzyde and Nieuport until late March 1917 ensued.

This was followed by transportation to the Marne sector and trench holding in the Prosnes area.

In April 1917, the 1er R.M.T. participated in the ‘Battle of the Hills’ in this area.

Maurice was killed in action on the first day of this battle in the Moronvilliers sector.

He was now buried in the Nécropole Nationale of ‘Bois-du-Puits’ at Auberive, Marne.

17 April 1917 killed in action.



Research by David O'Mara.


On This Day in 1916



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