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Some books on the First World War recommended by WFA members

Beneath Hill 60 by Will Davies

1914: The Days of Hope by Lyn MacDonald

1915: The Death of Innocence by Lyn MacDonald

They Called in Passnchendael: The Story of Ypres and of the Men Who Fought in it by Lyn MacDonald

To the Last Man: Spring 1918 by Lyn MacDonald

The Roses of No Man’s Land by Lyn MacDonald

Somme by Lyn MacDonald

Winged Victory by V.M. Yates

Gallipoli by L A Carlyon

1918: A Very British Victory by Peter Hart

Fire and Movement: The British Expeditionary Force and the Campaign of 1914 Peter Hart

Gallipoli by Peter Hart

Monash: The Outside Who Won a War by Roland Perry

Men of Mont St. Quentin: Between Victory and Death by Peter Stanley

Don’t Forget me, Cobber: The Battle of Fromelles by Robin S. Cornfield

Gallipoli Sniper by John Hamilton

The Origins of the First World War: Controversies and Consensus (Making History) by Annika Mombauer

Fighting Different Wars: Experience, Memory, and the First World War in Britain (Studies in the

Social and Cultural History of Modern Warfare) by Janet S K Watson

Dreadnought: Britain, Germany and the Coming of the Great War by Robert K Massie

The First World War: A New History by Hew Strachan

100 Days to Victory: How the Great War Was Fought and Won 1914-1918 by Saul David

The First Day on the Somme: 1 July 1916 by Martin Middlebrow

I Survived Didn’t I? The Great War Reminiscences of Private ‘Ginger’ by Bryne Joy B Cave

Game to the Last: The 11th Australian Infantry Battalion at Gallipoli (Australian Army History) by James Hurst

Ghosts have warm hands: a memoir of the Great War, 1916-1919 by Will R Bird

Nothing of Importance: A Record of Eight Months at the Front With a Welsh Battalion, October, 1915, to June by Bernard Adams

Pompey Elliot by Ross McMullin Somme Mud by E P F Lynch

All Quiet on the Western Front by Erich Maria Remarque

The Little Field Marshall: A life of Sir John French by Richard Holmes

Cambrai 1917 by Bryn Hammond

Breaking the Hindenburg Line: The Story of the 46th (North Midland) Division by Raymond E Priestly

History of he 12th (Eastern0 Division in the Great War by Maj. Gen. Sir Arthur B Scott

The Struggle for Mastery in Europe, 1848-1918 by A J P Taylor

Horses Don’t Fly: The Memoir of the Cowboy Who Became a World War I Ace by Frederick Libby

The Price of Glory: Verdun 1916 by Alistair Horne

Somme Harvest: Memories of a P.B.I. in the summer of 1916 by Giles E M Eyre

Up to Mamet by Wyn Griffith

Before Endeavours Fade by Rose E B Coombs

The 6th Connaught Rangers: Belfast Nationalists and the Great War by Cathal Dinghy, Robert McKillen, Margaret McKillen

Old Soldiers Never Die by Frank Richards


#1 Robin Gregory 2017-05-28 09:25
I am a (now retired) lecturer and broadcaster. My book "Tim's Wars" deals largely with WW!, and focusses on Rifleman Tim Elliott (QVR). Uniquely he managed to keep a daily diary from 1914-19, never missing a single day, even when he was one of the very few who survived Gommecourt. Former BBC United Nations Correspondent Keith Hindell chose "Tim's Wars" as his Book of the Year.
I give talks (with or without pictures) on the life of the ordinary soldier in WW1. Largest audience so far was 1,500 in Eastbourne where I live, and many smaller to interested groups. Contact me on . The book is available at a reduced price from publisher Loaghtan Books, q.v.

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