British 2nd and 4th Battle Squadrons, with HMS Iron Duke, proceed from Scapa to westward of Orkneys for target practice N of the Hebrides.

Home Gorvernment to relieve victims of E Coast raid.

Kaiser at GHQ, Charleville, heard Admiral von Pohl's report on Scarborough raid. Admiral von Pohl's appointment in place of Admiral von Ingenohl was at this date already under discussion.

At Wilhelmshaven captain of HIMS Yorck sentenced to two years' detention for loss of ship (4-xi-14), commander one year's imprisonment.

Belgians crossed Yser S of Dixmude.

British 27th Division arrived and concentrated near St Omer.

Near Givenchy British completed recapture of lost positions.

Germans before Warsaw crossed Bzura R but failed to advance.


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