British 1st (Admiral Colville in temporary command, vice Admiral Burney, ill), and 3rd Battle Squadrons joined 2nd and 4th Squadrons in North Sea, with 1st Battle Cruiser Squadron.

Second air raid on England; German aeroplane over Sheerness; driven off.

Seven British naval airmen, assisted by HMSS Arethusa and Undaunted, and submarines, attacked German warships off Cuxhaven, and encountered two Zeppelins, three on four seaplanes, and U20, U22, and U30.

Flight-Commander Hewlett missing; no other casualties. Five British airmen taken on board HM submarines E11 under fire from German airships.

Sir J French ordered formation of first two British armies on W Front; General Haig to command First Army (1st, 4th, and Indian Corps); General Smith-Dorrien to comman Second Army (2nd, 3rd, and 5th Corps).

Christmas 'fraternisation' episode on W Front.

Zeppelins over Nancy.

Italians occupied Avlona (Albania).

German offensive against Warsaw arrested.

Russians recovered Lupkov and Dukla Passes (Carpathians). Austrians defeated at Tarnov (Galacia).

Turks reached Khorasan – Sarikamish (Armenia).


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