British ss Hemisphere (3,486 tons) sunk by German AMC Kronpriz Wilhelm 400 miles NE from Pernambuco.

Admiral Burney resumed command of 1st Battle Squadron.

New British 2nd Light Cruiser Squadron formed; Falmouth (F Admiral Napier), Gloucester, Yarmouth and Dartmouth.

Two U-Boats sighted off the Tay.

British "Military Cross" instituted.

Londoners warned to take refuge in basements in case of air attacks.

German mines in North Sea destroyed eight vessels.

Sir J French proposed amalgamation of British and Belgian armies; this proposal fell through.

Allies on Yser recovered St Georges.

French submarine Curie captured by Austrians near Pola (Adriatic).

German 2nd Cavalry Corps broken up; General von der Marwitz to command XXXVIIIth Reserve Corps.

Germans before Warsaw retired from Bzura-Ravka line.

Turks withdrew from Sarikamish (Caucasus).



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