German Bomber late 1915


In the Air:

German aeroplane raids on Calais.

German aeroplanes bomb Salonika. German, Austrian, Turkish and Bulgarian Consuls arrested by Gen. Sarrail.

On Land: Western Front

Germans exploded mines near Loos.

Near Hartmannsweilerkoopf, Alsace, French captured Rehfelsen and Hirzstein.


In Politics: Germany

General von Falkenhayn, in conference with Adm. von Tirpitz and naval authorise as Berlin War

Ministry expressed himself as now in favour of unrestricted U-Boat warfare.

German Niemen Army renamed Eighth Army.


On Land: Egypt

Gen. Monro left Mudros for Alexandria.

At Sea:

P&O ss Persia sunk by U-Boat off Cape Martello, Crete. 334 lost. sunk by U-Boat off C. Martello, Crete. 52 lost.

British SS Abelia sunk by U-Boat off Gavdo Island.

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