Sir John Simon 31DEC15

Sir John Simon


British Cabinet and Command

Sir John Simon resigned.


At Sea:

HMS Natal destroyed by an internal explosion in Cromarty Firth.

HMS Swift joined Dover patrol.

HM Colliers Satrap and Tynemouth left Barry and Cardiff. Not since heard of.

SS Ionic attacked by U-Boat with a torpedo in Mediterranean missed.


On Land: Western Front

Slight German success near Hulluch.

German counter-attack on Hirzstein.


Just before the turn of the year General von Falkenhayn completed his Memorandum for the Kaiser advocating an assault on Verdun and first institution of unrestricted U-Boat warfare; the first proposal was adopted; the second was dropped, in defence of Herr von Bethman-Hollweg’s misgivings.


On Land: Eastern Front

Russian offensive in South Poland and Galicia. River Styr crossed near Chartorysk.

Trenches on Strypa River was taken.


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