Protector Captain and Crew lost 31 december 1916
 The three Phillips men lost when the Protector went down 

British pilot cutter Protector mined of entrance to the Tyne: 19 lives lost.

British ss City of Gran warded off U-Boat by gunfire in Channel.

Sir Douglas Haig promted to Field Marshall.

Two German attacks in Champagne repulsed

Germans repulsed near Braila.

Further Allied Note to Greece again demanding reparation for events of December 1 and 2.


The Times Diary and Index of the War (1928) p.92.

Image and further details of the story of the sinking of the cutter Protector

 Allies of the First World War


British ss St. Theodore after conversion intor raider by Möwe, captured and sank British sailing vessel Jean 60 miles east from St. Paul Rocks.


British ss Aspenlead mined in Channel: towed into port.


Allies negatived German proposals, which were described as lacking substance and precision, less an offer of peace than a war manoeuvre.


Germans advanced towards Braila.



The Times Index and Diary of the War (1928) p.91


 Monk Rasputin


H M minesweeper Ludlow and ss Zoroaster mined off Shipwash Light.

Sir D Haig's Somme Battle Dispatch.

German attack NW of Verdun repulsed.

Scandiancian Peace Note to belligerents

Russian Duma prorogued.

Monk Rasputin murdered in Petrograd at the Palace of Prince Yussupoff.



The Times Diary and Index of the War (1928) p.91


 Turkish Railways 1914
 Turkish Railways


On Land: Wallachia

Fall of Rinnie Sarat to Austro-Germans

On Land: Moldavia

Austro-Germans offensive on borders of Moldavia.

At Sea

French battleship Gaulois sunk by U-Boat in Aegean.

In the Air: Mesopotamia

British airmen destroyed Chikaldier Bridge on Baghdad Railway.



The Times Diary and Index of the War (1928) p.91

Map: Mavi Boncuk

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