Image from Illustrated World War One showing the fall of Trebizon in Anatolia, North Eastern Turkey, to the Russians in 1916
 The Surrender of Trebizond

:Among the Russian Officers the Turkish Governor of the Town can be seen.


On Land: Verdun

Germans repulsed between Meuse-Douaumont.


On Land: Eastern Front

Prussian Guard Reserve Corps reconstituted on the Eastern Front.


On Land: Anatolia

The fall of Trebizond to Grand Duke Nicholas of Russia.


On Land: Mesopotamia

The British carried Beit Aiessa position near Kut; Turkish counter-attack.


On Land: East Africa

Fighting at Kondoa Irangi.


Remember: On This Day

The Western Front Association remembers those who died on 17 April 1916, such as:

Maréchal des Logis Louis Museux

Pte Richard Pickles



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 Image:  Illustrated First World War (site under construction when accessed 17 April 2016)

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