KOENNECKE, Otto. (1892-1956). Leutnant. Victories = 35. Highest award = Pour le Merité/Blue Max (August 1918. One of only five GAAS recipients of the PLM and the Golden Military Merit Cross*).

Only awarded to non-commissioned officers.

Enlisted as an infantryman in 1911 in Railroad Regiment No. 3.

He learned to fly in 1913 as a non-commissioned officer and became an instructor.

In December 1916, after training in FEA 4, was posted to Jasta 25 in the Balkans and scored his first victory - a Farman (model unknown) - on 1st February 1917.

In April 1917, was transferred to the Western Front flying with Jasta 5.

Koennecke finally received his commission to Leutnant in June 1918.

He always flew a distinctively painted Albatross aircraft with a green fuselage, black and white checkerboard and other markings.

Koennecke survived the Great War.

His final victory was an Airco DH 4 a week before the Armistice.

He went on to become the commander of a Military Flying School in the Second World War.

Confirmed victories

Aircraft Manufacturing Co. Airco DH 4. 2
Aircraft Manufacturing Co. Airco DH 5. 3
Aircraft Manufacturing Co. Airco DH 9. 2
Farman Frères. Farman ? 2
Royal Airforce Factory. RAF FE 2b. 6
Royal Airforce Factory. RAF RE 8. 4
Royal Airforce Factory. RAF SE 5a. 10
Société Anonyme des Establissements, Nieuport. Nieuport Scout 1
Sopwith Aviation Co, Sopwith Camel 4
Unidentified two seater enemy aircraft. 1
Total 35
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