KROLL, Heinrich Claudius. (1894-1930). Oberleutnant. Victories = 33. Highest award = Pour le Merité/Blue Max (March 1918).

Enlisting in August 1914, Kroll joined the 86th Fusilier Infantry Regiment and served on the Western Front where he received his commission to Leutenant.

Transferred to the GAAS in 1916, he was posted first to FA17 as a reconnaissance pilot and then, after fighter pilot training, to Jastas 9 on November 1916.

With Jasta 9, on 1st May 1917, he downed his first confirmed victory - a Spad (model unknown).

In July 1917 Kroll joined Jasta 24, where he became commander.

His promotion to Oberleutnant came in March 1918.

Although shot down several times, he avoided serious injury until August 1918 when he received a serious and incapacitating wound to the shoulder. Thereafter, his flying career in the Great War was over.

His ultimate victory had been an RAF SE 5a which he shot down on 9th August 1918.

Kroll survived the Great War.

Confirmed victories

British & Colonial Aerplane Co. Ltd. Bristol F 2B. 2
Royal Airforce Factory. RAF FE 2d. 1
Royal Airforce Factory. RAF RE 8. 3
Royal Airforce Factory. RAF SE 5a. 6
Sopwith Aviation Co. Sopwith Camel. 5
Sopwith Aviation Co. Sopwith Pup. 1
Sopwith Aviation Co. Sopwith Triplane. 2
Société S.P.A.D. Spad ? 12
Société S.P.A.D. Spad S VII. 1
Total 33
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