SCHAEFER, Karl Emil. (1891-1917) Leutnant. Victories = 30. Highest award = Pour le Merité (April 1917).

Having served his year of compulsory military service in 1909, Schaeffer was 23 years old and a trained soldier when the war broke out, so was immediately assigned to the 7th Jager Reserve Regiment.

He was involved in heavy fighting on the Western Front and was seriously wounded.

After a six months convalesce he returned to his unit and was commissioned as Leutenant.

He transferred to the German Army Air Service and graduated as pilot in July 1916.

That month he was posted to KG 2 on the Eastern Front as observer and bomber pilot.

Moved to the Western Front in December 1916 with KG 3 where he claimed his first confirmed victory - a Caudron (model unknown).

In February 1917 Schaefer was transferred to Jasta 11 in France.

He was then posted to Jasta 28 in Flanders and in April 1918 was given command of this unit.

His final victory was a Airco DH 4 shot down on the 4th June 1917.

Schaefer was shot down and killed in June 1917 at Beselaere-Zandvoorde SE of Ostend.

Confirmed victories

Airplane Manufacturing Co Airco DH 4. 2
British & Colonial Aeroplane Co. Ltd. Bristol F 2A. 3
Caudron Frères. Caudron ? 1
Farman Frères. Farman ? 1
Royal Airforce Factory. BE 2? 2
Royal Airforce Factory. BE 2c. 1
Royal Airforce Factory. BE 2d. 1
Royal Airforce Factory. BE 2e. 1
Royal Airforce Factory. FE 2b 4
Royal Airforce Factory. FE 2d. 3
Royal Airforce Factory. FE 8. 2
Société Anonyme des Etablissements, Nieuport.
Nieuport Scout.
Société Anonyme des Etablissements, Nieuport. Nieuport 23.
Sopwith Aviation Co.
Sopwith 1.1/2.
Sopwith Aviation Co.
Sopwith Pup.

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