SACHSENBERG, Gotthard. (1891-1961). Oberleutnant (zur See). Victories = 31. Highest award = Pour le Merité (August 1918).

The second of the German Naval Aviation top aces.

He joined the German Navy as a cadet in 1913 aged 22, but transferred to the German Naval Aviation in 1914 at the outbreak of the Great War.

Became an aerial observer with MFA 2.

Commissioned to Leutnant in January 1916.

Graduated as pilot in February 1916 and returned to MFA 2.

From February 1917 was given command of MFJasta I and on 1st May 1917 scored his first confirmed victory by shooting down a Farman ?

In September 1917 he took command of MFJasta II.

His ultimate victory took place on 27th October 1918 when he downed an unidentified enemy aircraft. Some accounts do not include this victory.

Sachsenberg survived the Great War and died in Germany aged 70.

Confirmed victories

Aircraft Manufacturing Co. Airco DH 4. 2
Aircraft Manufacturing Co. Airco DH 9. 8
Farman Frères. Farman ? 1
Royal Airforce Factory. RAF SE 5a. 1
Société Anonyme des Ateliers d'Aviation Louis Bréguet. Bréguet 14. 1
Société S.P.A.D. Spad ? 3
Sopwith Aviation Co. Sopwith ? 1
Sopwith Aviation Co. Sopwith Camel. 6
Sopwith Aviation Co. Sopwith 1.1/2. Strutter. 2
Sopwith Aviation Co. Sopwith Pup. 2
Sopwith Aviation Co. Sopwith TR2 2
Unidentified enemy aircraft. 2
Total 31

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