RUMEY, Fritz. ( 1891-1918) Leutnant (Reserve). Victories = 45. Highest award = Pour le Merité (June 1917).

Enlisted in 1911 in the 45th Infantry Regiment and, after wartime service on the Eastern Front with the 3rd Engineer Regiment, he transferred to the GAAS in August 1915.

Firstly, he was deployed as a reconnaissance observer (non-commissioned) in FA 19, then, after training in Germany, from May 1917 as a pilot in Jastas 2 and 5. Commissioned to Leutnant in June 1917.

His first confirmed victory was an observation balloon shot down on 6th July 1917.

He was wounded in aerial combat in August 1917.

On 27th September 1917 he shot down his final victory - a Sopwith Camel.

The same day he was involved in a collision over Neuville, France. He bailed out from his damaged aircraft but his parachute failed to open and he was killed.

Confirmed victories

Observation balloon. 1
Aircraft Manufacturing Co. Airco DH 4. 4
Aircraft Manufacturing Co. Airco DH 9. 2
Armstrong Whitworth & Co. Ltd. AW FK 8. 1
Société Anonyme des Ataliers d'Aviation Louis Bréguet. Bréguet 14. 1
British & Colonial Aeroplane Co. Bristol F 2B. 3
Royal Airforce Factory. RAF SE 5a 11
Royal Airforce Factory. RAF RE 8. 2
Sopwith Aviation Co. Sopwith Camel. 15
Sopwith Aviation Co. Sopwith Dolphin. 4
Société S.P.A.D. Spad ? 1
Total 45
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