OSTERKAMP, Theodor. (1892-1975) Oberleutnant (zur See).Victories = 32. Highest award = Pour le Merité (September 1918).

Was one of only two top-scoring aces from the German Navy in the Great War. Joined the German Naval Flying Corps in August 1914, and served for two years as an aerial observer largely on the Belgian Coast.

Osterkamp took the first aerial photographs of British naval bases on the mainland. Requesting fighter training he graduated in April 1917.

From then until the end of the year, served with MFJasta I and had his first confirmed victory on 30th April 1917 - a Sopwith (model unknown).

From October 1917, he was appointed as the commander of MFJasta II.

His promotion to Leutnant came in March 1918.

In September 1918, successfully bailed out from his aircraft and, a few days later, destroyed a tank on the ground.

His final victory took place in October 1918 (exact date is unavailable).

Osterkamp survived the Great War and died in Germany aged 83 years.

Confirmed victories

Aircraft Manufacturing Co. Airco DH 4. 2
Aircraft Manufacturing Co. Airco DH 9. 2
British & Colonial Aeroplane Co. Ltd. Bristol F 2B. 1
Royal Aeroplane Factory. RAF SE 5a. 1
Société Anonyme des Ateliers l'Aviation Louis Bréguet. Bréguet 14. 2
Société S.P.A.D. Spad ? 2
Sopwith Aviation Co. Sopwith ? 2
Sopwith Aviation Co. Sopwith Camel. 15
Sopwith Aviation Co. Sopwith 1.1/2. Strutter. 1
Sopwith Aviation Co. Sopwith Triplane 1
Unidentified enemy aircraft.
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