Butte de Warlencourt Tour
Postcasrds from the Butte de Warlencourt 


Visit to Butte de Warlencourt

Calling all teachers and leaders of battlefield tours…

As we plan battlefield tours either for private individuals or schools, we look for places that tell a story or put the battles into context. When visiting the Somme, we all have key places that help tell the story of the battle, but where do we go to bring the visit to the Somme to a close? Well, on a recent tour with Kew House School from London, such a place was needed. To understand the extent of the advance, to evaluate the progress of the British by the end of 1916 why not visit the Butte de Warlencourt.

The road leading up to the Butte (just off the D929) has easy access for coaches where a turnaround is possible. A short walk up to the Butte gave the students a view of how the ground rises and once at the top, the students could see the topography of the land.

This is a great place for a summary of the battle, students could see the distance travelled from the 1st July positions, discuss the objectives, evaluate progress and listen to cases of soldiers significant to the area.

The steps up and the safety rails give easy and safe access to the top, once the top of this ancient burial ground is reached, the views all around are stunning – a must see on all battlefield tours!


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