A female Mark I tank crossing No Man’s Land. Lithographic reproduction from the series of war drawings published by Country Life, 1917. Muirhead Bone (1876-1953) 


For those of us fascinated by the rise of the tank, the pages of The Western Front Association offer a myriad of materials, conference choices, articles, people profiles, book reviews and exhibitions.


The Western Front Association, supporting the First World War Research Group of the University of Wolverhampton will be talking about tanks on Saturday, 13th February, as part of a conference bluntly titled ‘New Ways of Killing’. Philip Ventham considers: 


‘British Tanks on the Western Front – a Weapon of Mass Destruction?’


A New Exhibition at the Tank Museum


On Monday, 21st March a new exhibition ‘Tank Men: The Story of the First Crew opens as a permanent exhibition at the Tank Museum, Dorset as part of the centenary year that marks ‘Tank 100’.


'The Story of the First Tank Men'  


More talk on tanks


On the evening of 21 March, at the Southend on Sea Branch of The Western Front Association Lt Col Geoffrey Vesey Holt MBE presents:


 The First 'Mother' tank on trials at Hatfield, January 1916


'The First Tanks in History - Tank Development & The Battle of Flers'. 


On Tuesday, 5 April, The Chesterfield Branch of The Western Front Association asks the question:

'The First Tanks - A Wasted Opportunity or a Prelude to Victory?' by Richard Pullen. 


Tank related articles on The Western Front Association website:


'November 1917: The Battle of Cambrai - why did it succeed and what went wrong?'  

'Organisation and Administration of the Tank Corps'.

'Armoured Cars and Tanks on the Western Front in the Great War' 


Tank people key to its history:


'General J F C Fuller: Tank Strategist on the Western Front in the First World War'. 

'Lt Col John Brough: The Commander of the First 'Tankies'.


Tank related book reviews by Western Front Association members:


'Tanks on the Somme'

'The Band of Brigands' 

'The Rise of the Tank'



 The Benefits of joining the Western Front Association in 2016




Image: The Great War as Recorded through the Fine and Popular Arts. Liss Press. 

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