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martyn haleMy interest in the Great War began with a two day visit to Ypres in 1999, after attending the Menin Gate ceremony and sites of the local area I was hooked.

In the weeks that followed my teacher led a number of research activities of a local man and this is when my passion for the Great War really took root. I have a BA (Hons) in War Studies from the University of Wolverhampton and in 2006 I qualified as a Teacher of History.

From 2006-2014 I have been teaching at Thomas Telford School, a top performing comprehensive in Shropshire and in September 2014 I take the post of Head of Humanities at a new private school in London.

I first came across the WFA when the very same history teacher encouraged me to attend an event organised by a local branch but it wasn’t really till university that I joined the WFA and became a member of the Wolverhampton branch.

In January 2009 I became the Vice-Chairman of the Wolverhampton branch and set about creating a branch website and more recently a Facebook page.

Shortly afterwards I became Education Officer for the WFA and since then I have worked on a number of projects to improve the delivery of the Great War.

My role on the WFA's Executive Committee is to ensure that the First World War is taught correctly and that young people develop an interest in this hugely important event.

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